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Service Categories

Our firm offers a wide range of consultant services to its private and public sector clients.

  • Executive Coaching
  • Exit Planning
  • Human Capital Development
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic Planning and Marketing

Berryman and Company Uses:

  • When you need assistance in developing exit strategies for your business.
  • When you need to know the maximum value of your business.
  • When you need help in retirement, contingency and legacy planning.
  • When you need an outside appraisal of your organization.
  • When you need special talent or desire an exceptionally high level of competence in the business and management disciplines.
  • When you want to solve a particular problem in your business.
  • When you need help with long range planning.
  • When you want to project the efforts of possible expansion or diversification.
  • When your executive manpower is overloaded.
  • When you need help in preparing a proposal, financing package, or business plan.
  • When anonymous representation of your company by an outside party is advantageous for negotiations, fund raising, or any other purpose.

Berryman and Company Advantages:

  • Extra staff without permanent obligations
  • Our consultants have a high level of competence
  • We see situations that go unnoticed by your regular staff.
  • We upgrade the education and experience of your staff.
  • We work at a far high level of intensity than a regular employee.

Berryman and Company Pledge:

  • To place client interests above our own.
  • To render impartial and independent advice.
  • To safeguard confidential information.
  • To avoid conflicts of interest.
  • To accept only those assignments we are qualified to perform.
  • To charge no more than a reasonable competitive fee, agreed upon with the client in advance.

Our Commitment to Our Clients

  • We will serve our clients with integrity, competence, independence, objectivity, and professionalism.
  • We will mutually establish with our clients realistic expectations of the benefits and results of our services.
  • We will only accept assignments for which we possess the requisite experience and competence to perform and will only assign staff or engage colleagues with the knowledge and expertise needed to serve our clients effectively.
  • Before accepting any engagement, we will ensure that we have worked with our clients to establish a mutual understanding of the objectives, scope, work plan, and fee arrangements.
  • We will treat appropriately all confidential client information that is not public knowledge, take reasonable steps to prevent it from access by unauthorized people, and will not take advantage of proprietary or privileged information, either for use by ourselves, the client’s firm, or another client, without the client’s permission.
  • We will avoid conflicts of interest or the appearance of such and will immediately disclose to the client circumstances or interests that we believe may influence our judgment or objectivity.
  • We will offer to withdraw from a consulting assignment when we believe our objectivity or integrity may be impaired.
  • We will refrain from inviting an employee of an active or inactive client to consider alternative employment without prior discussion with the client.

Our Commitment to Fiscal Integrity

  • We will agree in advance with a client on the basis for fees and expenses and will charge fees that are reasonable and commensurate with the services delivered and the responsibility accepted.
  • We will not accept commissions, remuneration, or other benefits from a third party in connection with the recommendations to a client without that client’s prior knowledge and consent, and we will disclose in advance any financial interests in goods or services that form part of such recommendations.

Exit Planning Services

  • An exit plan is a comprehensive road map to successfully exit a privately held business. An exit plan asks and answers all the business, personal, financial, legal, and tax questions involved in selling a privately owned business.

The Value of a CEPA Professional

A Certified Exit Planning Advisor (CEPA) will help you acquire key information to make informed exit directions and maximize your after-tax proceeds when you exit your business.

A CEPA can help you:

  • Articulate and align your personal, business and financial goals
  • Maximize your business value
  • Minimize taxes
  • Identify and capitalize on timing opportunities
  • Resolve key issues by using wise guidance and solutions

The CEPA Certification is awarded by the Exit Planning Institute after Meeting Education and experience qualifications. Additionally each certified member must pass a four hour proctored exam covering such topics as goal assessment, business valuation, value enhancement, exit opinion analysis, transaction structuring, and tax planning.